Frequently Asked Questions

What is JOYMO?

Joymo is a streaming platform for clubs, fans, athletes and coaches. Clubs film events and trainings, store content, sell access to fans and give access to athletes and coaches.

Clubs choose to film through the Joymo Share mobile app or through the fixed installed and unmanned camera. Joymo focuses on the joy of sports.

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Where can I watch?

 You can watch all streams at Joymo’s streaming platform called Arena. Click here to watch.

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How do I schedule a stream?

  1. Go to JOYMO Arena 
  2. Click Log in on the top right side of your screen, and log in with your registered user account. Not registered yet? Click here and register, or contact JOYMO at for assistance.
  3. Click on the menu icon in the top left side of your screen, marked with three yellow stripes
  4. Click ‘Streams’, and then ‘New Livestream’ (on the right side of your screen)*
  5. Add relevant information regarding your livestream/game/event/test/training etc. through a step-by-step process. Make sure to add all relevant information and share with the opposition (if any). Also make sure to make the stream searchable in step 1, to have the stream available on JOYMO Arena and on your own club site.
  6. Confirm stream by clicking on ‘create livestream’
  7. Share with friends, family, fans, opposition etc.
    All livestreams can be found on JOYMO Arena if you have made your event “searchable”

*Please note that a team needs to be registered and created in advanced.

**Please note that streams cannot overlap, meaning that if you have two events (streams) after each other, event (stream) number 2 will not start before event (stream number 1) is finished.

***Please note that you as a host is responsible for your own internet and power at your venue. Please make sure that the internet and power is working as it should before using the system.

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How do I create a team?

  1. Go to JOYMO Arena
  2. Log in with your user account – Click here
  3. Click on the menu icon in the top left side of your screen, marked with three yellow stripes
  4. Click on ‘Teams’
  5. Choose your club, and click ‘create new team’
  6. Type in a name for your team (e.g Team JOYMO G16)
  7. Choose a sport and confirm by clicking ‘Create’
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How do I invite a coach to Joymo Arena?

  1. Go to JOYMO Arena
  2. Log in with your user account – Click here
  3. Click on the menu icon in the top left side of your screen, marked with three yellow stripes
  4. Under “Manage”, select ‘Teams’ from the side menu
  5. Select the club you want to invite access to
  6. Click on the icon
  7. This will direct you to the ‘add trainer’ form
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How do I invite an ADMIN, STREAMER or Fan to Joymo Arena?

  1. Under “Manage”, select ‘Clubs’ from the side menu
  2. Click on the menu icon  and select ‘edit’
  3. Select the  icon to expand the options for adding Admins, Streamers and Members. Select your desired option.
  4. Fill in the details of the person you want to invite and then submit the form.
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How can we as a club make sure we are aligned with GDPR?

  1. Good management of the personal data being stored. An important aspect of GDPR gives the consumer right to know how their personal data is being used and where it is stored. If possible, it is recommended to have a person in the club dedicated to this topic.
  2. Updated Privacy Policy. Make it simple enough so everyone understands what they are signing.
  3. When taking pictures or filming (for any purpose, also when posting on social media), you need to collect consent. If you are considering taking pictures or filming anyone under 15 years of age, you need to collect the consent from the parents/guardians. Everyone above 15 years of age can give their own consent.
  4. The coach of the opposing team/club will be the one responsible for informing the athletes and/or parents/guardians (if under 15 years of age). If the club or sports team already have collected consent at a previous occasion, consent does not have to be collected again.
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How does Joymo help sports clubs with GDPR related questions and concerns?

  1. JOYMO will provide trainings on GDPR-routines and information, and can provide the sports club/team with consent forms and tailored documentation.
  2. Limitation of access to the system. Only the people defined by the sports club/team can manage and start the JOYMO LiveCaster or Streamer application
  3.  The sports club owns all content created with the JOYMO system. JOYMO does not have permission to use/access any of the content.
  4. The service delivered by JOYMO will only show overview images and is not zooming in on participants.
  5. All content will be deleted within 90 days. If you want to delete anything before that, you can contact JOYMO and we will assist.
  6. Information. The service is being delivered with free signage and posters for the sports venue. Everyone will be able to see that filming might occur in your venue. Proper information is an important GDPR-principle.
  7. Opposing athletes will also automatically be informed. When scheduling an event on, a message will automatically be sent to the opposing athletes.
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What do I do if I do not want my child to be filmed or photographed?

If you, as a parent/legal guardian do not want your child to be filmed or photographed, you have to inform your club. The club will be responsible for respecting your wishes.

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