Joymo is the livestreaming platform for all sports.

With Joymo you can engage with fans from around the world and generate revenue for your club with ticket sales. Start livestreaming your content using our Joymo App. All the equipment you need is a smartphone or tablet and a tripod. The Joymo App includes scoreboard and timer features to create the best viewing experience for your fans.

Limited Offer: Sign up to our monthly subscription using the coupon code “StreamOn” and livestream for free for the first 6 months with our Joymo App.

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An easy-to-start and easy-to-stop livestreaming service. You can cancel your subscription at any time during the free trial period.

How much money could your club make with Joymo?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Joymo?

Joymo is a streaming platform specially developed for sport of all levels. We think that every league club, team, player, from any sport, deserves a professional platform for broadcasting, so we made one. One that puts safeguarding, safe-data management, an individual’s rights, and the joy of sport at the top of agenda.

Joymo is a ticketed-platform meaning when you can sell tickets to your broadcasted content.

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Who should sign up for Joymo?

If you are someone that wants to broadcast sport – if you’re representing a team, or a club, or an event, or a federation – then you should sign up for Joymo. In Scandinavia, Ireland and the UK, we have teams that broadcast from sports such as basketball, football, swimming, hockey, rowing, handball, gymnastics. We even have personal trainers.

If you have content that you want to send to fans safely and securely, and you want to sell tickets, then Joymo is perfect for you.

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Where are Joymo based?

Joymo’s HQ is in Oslo, Norway, but we have customers across Scandinavia, the UK and Ireland and we can support customers from Australia, to Abu Dhabi to Canada.

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What about GDPR and Privacy?

Privacy is super important when you are thinking about broadcasting something live or creating video for later viewing. We take this very seriously at Joymo. You can read more here.

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How do we make money with Joymo?

Clubs, teams, events and leagues that use Joymo sell season-tickets, Pay-Per-View tickets, Monthly Pass tickets and Weekend passes. They invite their fans to watch their games or tournaments, the fans choose what ticket they want to buy (the price of the ticket is set by the content creator) and then the money received from tickets is sent back to the content creator.

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How does the money get from the fan, to Joymo, to us?

You decide the price, the fan buys the ticket, Joymo handles the payment, you receive the profits back at the end of the quarter with a detailed monthly breakdown statement.

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How do I sign up?

Very, very easily…. and here:

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How do I cancel if I don’t like it?

We have made Joymo easy to sign up for and easy to cancel. If you sign up, try and don’t like, just let us know and we can cancel your subscription at any time.

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How long does this 6 months free offer last?

Your agreement with Joymo is non-binding, so if you don’t use it after six months, or don’t like it after six months, you simply cancel it. If you like it and want to keep using it, you can decide to pay monthly or yearly.

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How much does it cost after the free 6 months?

Want to see how Joymo’s livestreaming platform looks?

You can watch demo clips on our streaming platform for free. See links below:
Football Demo
Handball Demo

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