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LiveCaster Pro.

The system that advances grassroot sports.

With the Joymo Livecaster Pro sports teams and clubs can:

Broadcast Games and Trainings entirely without the need for a camera person.

Connect with fans anywhere in the world

Send all video content to their own cloud system for safe, secure and GDPR compliant storage.

LiveCaster Pro Features:

  • 4K HD filming quality
  • Controlled by a smartphone.
  • In built automatic tracking that follows the sport across the whole arena.
  • Broadcasts just like a professionally televised game.
  • LED lights that let the user know when the LiveCaster is streaming
  • Power over ethernet for super simple installation with just a single cable
Joymo wall mounted camera
  • Easy to install for the user.
  • Easy attachment to wall, pole or beam
  • Excellent stereo sound that capture the atmosphere at the game

More than just a Camera.

Behind the LiveCaster Pro is a very smart system uniquely built for the sole purpose of serving sport:

Joymo Streaming Platform

At the very center of Joymo’s services is the scalable, reliable and secure streaming solution that is the backbone for all Joymo services. All video content generated through the Livecaster Pro is proccesed by the streaming platform and optimised for the best viewer experience. An integral part of the streaming platform is secure storage of all content in accordance with privacy concerns.

Joymo Video Processing

The video processing is an important part in any video production. To create the best viewing experience Joymo has developed a fully automated tracking algorithm that zooms in the most interesting part of the court for the user. Also the post-processing unit adds the scoreboard visuals to further enhance the viewer experience.

Joymo Video Player

The Joymo Video Player ensures that the video viewing experience is consistent across all platforms. The player automatically chooses the optimal quality given the viewers device, and the video player has been optimised for Joymo’s streaming platform.

Joymo Arena

The Joymo Arena is the interface for the clubs and the viewers to access the content available to them, and have been designed to let the viewers find their favourite content easily. The clubs and teams can easily schedule the games they want to broadcast or only make available to the club/team players.

Joymo Payment and Settlement

The viewer can easily pay with card, Apple Pay and Android Pay. The platform supports single tickets, bundles of PPV and VOD and season cards for the viewer’s favourite club. Settlement is done automatically on periodic basis.

Joymo Analytics

The analytics service allows the user to get insight into the most important metrics for their content. The user can monitor the duration the viewer engage with the content, how many viewers are accessing the content, the estimated revenue from the livestream

Joymo Monetization

Joymo’s platform allows clubs, federations and events to capitalise on the value of their broadcasting value, and generate vital funds. The content owner and/or sponsor can add watermarks and pre-rolls to their livestreams, as well as other advertising opportunities uniquely designed for sport.

Joymo Livecaster Pro

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