For Personal Trainers

For Yoga Instructors

For Pilates Instructors

Livestream your sessions, sell tickets and make money

With Joymo, you can create video content behind a ticketing pay-wall. This means, for example, you can livestream your yoga or PT session and sell-tickets to people who can’t attend in person.

You can take your class of 20 people and make it 200.

You can reach customers who live 1000km away.

Livestream your classes

Sell Pay-per-view and Season Tickets

Make Money!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register your interest with Joymo here
  2. Receive a Log-In to your dashboard at the Joymo Arena
  3. Schedule your livestream and make some decisions about when and what ticket price:
    “Yoga For Beginners. 10am Monday 1st June 2020. Ticker Price 99kr”
  4. Send a link to your planned livestream to your customers. Send it via Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter – however you choose!
  5. Open the share App before your session and click “Go Live”
  6. Run your session and see the ticket sales go up!
  7. Every month, you will receive your financial breakdown from Joymo and a transfer of money made.

What does it cost?

Joymo License is 1990kr per year.

If you store a lot of videos for a long time, you will need to pay 299kr per month for extra storage.

You will receive 50% of every ticket you sell. The remaining 50% covers all the costs of production and Joymo’s administration.

Start livestreaming today

How Much Money You Can Make?

The more streams you make, the more viewers you get, the more money you will make. You can decide to sell Pay-Per-View tickets (for live or pre-recorded content) or you can invite customers to pay for a year in advance – A Season Ticket to your videos!

Examples of how much money you can make:

If you stream once a week, for 12 weeks, and you get 10 viewers per stream at cost of 79kr, you will make 1 580kr a month. 

Your Data, Your Content

Joymo is all about secure and safe livestreaming. In our days of Privacy Concerns and the need for heightened security in the face of vulnerability to hacking, we want you to be 100% confident that your data is safe. It might take an extra five minutes to use Joymo than Facebook Live… but we think the extra five minutes is worth it to make sure you own the data (not Mark Zuckerberg) and that it is looked after properly for you.

Join us today

You are three easy steps away from livestreaming:

  1. Become a Joymo Customer. Start Here.
  2. Download the app. Here.
  3. Receive a log in from us. We will email you!

If you sign up today, you can be livestreaming, selling tickets, engaging customers, and making your own online TV channel by tomorrow.