Joymo and GDPR.

Purpose and background for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a desire to improve private peoples´  possibilities to control information stored about themselves.

The purpose of the GDPR is to protect the privacy rights of all EU citizens, including EEA citizens. GDPR entered into effect on July 20th, 2018 in Norway.

All sports teams and clubs are responsible to follow national law and the rules of GDPR. Some people worry that using a Joymo system will increase the workload in terms of GDPR, but fact is this is something that the clubs and teams should and need to be compliant with regardless. All content, being filmed or photographed, and then put on social media, homepages etc, has to be according to GDPR.

Joymo has been working closely with The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF)  and the Norwegian Data Protection Authority , as well as legal expertise to ensure that the processes around Joymo are GDPR compliant.

This means that you as a club using our system will work together with an experienced partner in this field, and we are able to assist you if you have any questions or concerns around GDPR.

We want to help make GDPR understandable and user friendly for and together with sports, and at the same time stay compliant with the law. GDPR is a regulation, which aims to strengthen the way private information is treated.

Joymo – our service and purpose.

Joymo AS has developed a solution for the online transfer of visual film (streaming), analysis, editing, storage and sharing of media “The Service”. The Service is aimed for sports. The service consists of recording equipment and an associated cloud solution available through a downloadable application or web solution. The service can be used by all sports organizations (e.g. special federations, sports teams etc.) and commercial partners.

Joymo aims to offer a service that simplifies and creates value for its customers and users.

Process of procuring Joymo’s service.

Often it is one of the sports teams’ coaches who has requested Joymo’s service to use for streaming and recordings of events, as well as making use of the analysis tool as part of athlete development.

It is usually the board of the club who approves the use of the service for all the clubs members. The board needs to secure all the necessary permits. Joymo has created several tools to aid the clubs, amongst them an application template to the municipality. This can be forwarded to the sports clubs.

Joymo will ensure that the sports clubs using our system get necessary support, as well as documents needed to better understand the process around GDPR.

Visible information and use of Joymo’s service.

Fixed installation

If your club films events, regardless of an installed system in the venue, you are required to inform about filimg. Joymo has created posters/signage to place visible for everyone entering the venue. The poster/signage will inform visitors, athletes and coaches that a system is installed in the venue, and that streaming and recordings of events may occur. The poster should also have contact details of the club using the system.

Information for opponent

Only those appointed by the club are able to schedule streams. When a stream is scheduled, an automated email will be sent to the coach of the opposing team/athletes, informing them that the event will be streamed.

All participating athletes (and/or their parents/guardians) need to give their consent to be filmed. It is the responsibility of the respective clubs/teams/coaches to ensure that consent is in place before the event or training is being recorded. All clubs need to do this, regardless of use of Joymo.

Joymo encourages all sports clubs who is acquiring a Joymo system to broadcast this information on their homepages/social media pages. It can also be useful to send out more detailed information about livestreaming and consent to all potential opponents when starting to use a Joymo system. Joymo can assist with this kind of communication.

Who can access the service?

Only those the club has granted permission can use the service. Each person with permission (defined by the admin in the club) will log in with a unique username and password to use the system.

It is usually the manager of the club or a head coach who has been appointed administrator for the club. Please contact the administrator in your club if you have any questions around the usage of the service in your club.

When can I see that the service is in use?


Red light: Recording/Livestreaming

Green light: Camera is switched on, but is not recording

LiveCaster Pro

Red light: Recording/streaming

White light: Camera is powered on, but not recording

How often is the system recording?

We want to emphasize that the system installed in the venue is not streaming or recording continuously. It is only in use when someone appointed by the club logs on and activates the system.

Livestreaming and consent.

Data processor and data controller.

Joymo is the data processor and the sports club the data controller. Read more about these terms and what they mean at The Norwegian Data Protection Authority website: (text in Norwegian)

Joymo encourages sports clubs to collect consent.

Joymo encourages all sports clubs to collect consent (written statements), and to create a filing system for all teams/athletes that may be recorded. Joymo has good examples on how sports clubs are doing this, and we provide templates etc. for our customers. You actually need to do this, even if you’re not using Joymo.

Consent for athletes under the age of 15 and over the age of 15.

Giving consent for the sports club to livestream and/or record events, is a voluntary decision made by parents/guardians for athletes under 15 years of age. Everyone above 15 years, can give their own active consent.

If a parent/guardian does not want to consent to streaming or recording, the athlete should not be recorded and the service should not be used.

The sports club using Joymo’s service is the Data Processor. The team/athletes being streamed must collect consent from all participants within the team/club. The visiting team/athletes will be responsible for collecting consent from their club.  

What do the cameras capture?

All filming by Joymo is done with an unmanned system. Unlike regular TV-productions, close up images of athletes will not be made.

The camera is also angled in a way not to capture any situations outside of the arena and the defined area of play, unless the spectators are close to the pitch.

The sports club decides the price for watching livestreams and recordings.

The prices for tickets to livestreams, season passes, video on demand and other products they are selling are set by the club.

Who can access the content?

When scheduling a livestream, the administrator can choose between making the stream “searchable” for everyone on Joymo Arena or “private”.

By planning and scheduling the livestream a minimum 7 days before the event, it will give your fans and the visiting athletes/team a better chance to inform their family and friends about the livestream. 

The sports team is in control.

Only invited coaches have access to start recording trainings, and only coaches have the possibility to invite others to watch these recordings. Athlete development is the purpose of the recordings, and will only be used internally in the club. The system is tracking what has been recorded, and who is watching it, so that the clubs themselves can control use of the system. All recordings are automatically deleted after 90 days. Recordings can be deleted before that, if requested.

Standard for processing personal data in sport, prepared by the Norwegian Sports Federation and the Olympic and Paralympic Committee (NIF).

Joymo is compliant with the guidelines concerning use of personal data in sports created by Norwegian Sports Federation and The Norwegian Data Protection Authority. The Norwegian Data Protection Authority is also directly informed about how Joymo is handling GDPR related issues with our service.

Ownership of data.

The sports club owns all the data/recordings made from trainings and events filmed through Joymo’s system, unless any individual agreements made by the sports club states otherwise. Joymo has no ownership of the content.

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