Film, store and sell tickets to your games.

Joymo is a streaming platform for clubs, fans, players and coaches. Clubs film games and trainings, store content, sell access to fans and give access to players and coaches. 

Clubs choose to film through the Joymo Share mobile app or through the fixed installed and unmanned camera. Joymo focuses on the joy of sports.

All you need is an app.

  • Stream all sports
  • Stream with a smartphone or tablet
  • Create any number of streaming users
  • Be in control of who streams by approving users
  • No camera installation needed – just download the app from App Store 
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The camera that advances grassroot sports.

  • Designed to advance grassroots sports
  • Automatic tracking that follows the action
  • Three multi-mega pixel lenses that capture all the action in fine detail
  • Super wide-angle video that allows installation anywhere
  • High-resolution microphones that capture the atmosphere at the game
  • Rugged design that ensures a long life
  • Easy attachment to wall, pole or beam
  • Built-in Wi-Fi hotspot to add commentary and scoreboard updates through smartphone app
  • LED lights that show when streaming
  • Power over ethernet for super simple installation with just a single cable
Joymo wall mounted camera
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Compare your options.

Joymo Share App
Joymo Livecaster Pro
Sports relevant for All sports Badminton, Basketball, Floorball, Gymnastics, Handball, Rugby, Soccer, Squash, Tennis, Volleyball
Need for a camera person Yes No
User friendly Yes Yes
Scoreboard, periods and time is visible at all times Yes Yes
Streaming quality up to 1080p Three multi-mega-pixel lenses
Action tracking Manual Automatic
Livestream duration Unlimited Unlimited

Give players and coaches unlimited access.

Engage players and improve player performance by giving players and coaches unlimited access to all of the clubs’ streams.

Systematically save all streams.

Joymo Storage empowers clubs to systematically save all livestreams and streams on Joymo’s platform.

Storage enables fans, players, and coaches to watch the streams later and replay main moments.

Create athlete opportunities.

Set your own prices for a single season digital tickets; put earnings back into the club.

How much money can I make with Joymo?

We estimate your club could earn… 84.080 kr per season with JOYMO

Buy Joymo * all figures are estimated, please contact us for a personal consultation on how we can help your club

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