Player development for grassroots sports

Video has previously been reserved for the elite. Now Joymo makes it possible for all grassroots sports to be livestreamed by and through clubs, and for grassroots sports clubs to gain revenue. 

Joymo’s Athlete Access product is a unique subscription package for the players and athletes connected to a club that are using Joymo’s content management platform. 

How it works

The player or athlete is given a unique access log in which means they can log in to Joymo and access clubs/teams video content library. 

What this means for the Athlete/Player 

  • They will have unlimited access to recorded content from their teams matches and trainings. 
  • A catalogue of their competitive matches will be stored for as long as the club decides. 
  • Their coach can give explicit directions on what content to watch (which game and at what time in the game, for example) so that they can experience key moments of learning. 

What about GDPR?

This is important! Under EU GDPR regulations, the data recorded by the club is owned by the individual. In this case, the player or athlete. Athlete Access gives the individual complete oversight over what content has been stored. They can easily ask the club to delete something if they so wish. 

What does it cost?

Unlimited Athlete Access for the club is included in our Elite and Pro packages.

What does this mean for sport as a whole?

It is not possible to improve the elite and national level sport in a country without developing the grassroots. To develop the grassroots, we are talking about opportunities, facilities and the abilities of participants. 

Giving young athletes and players unlimited access to their video content from matches and trainings will help them improve their performance. Help them see what they do well and what they can improve. Help them see how and why they are getting better. 

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