Creating a platform that will engage fans, develop athletes and revolutionize grassroots sports.

Joymo is a streaming platform that makes it easy for any sport club, federation, league and event, anywhere in the world, to broadcast their valuable content to fans across the globe.

Through innovation in technology, broadcasting, AI and automation, Joymo enables the creation of video content from any level in sport and delivers that content to fans, athletes, coaches, referees and scouts through an innovative and exciting platform.

Founded by experts from the Scandinavian broadcasting world, Joymo is a movement created to engage fans, develop athletes, and inspire sport.

Joymo’s values.

The Joymo team is a wonderful clash of experts from TV and broadcasting and passionate sport advocates and leaders. We create Joymo to deliver value back to athletes, teams, fans, federations and sponsors.

We are storytellers, promoters and champions of the grassroots sport’s community. We reach for the stars, and while doing that, we try to be playful, responsible and deliver results with haste.

Joymo wall mounted camera

Meet the team.

Joymo was founded in 2016 by Jan Palmers, a Swedish/Norwegian veteran of the broadcasting world. His vision was to help grassroots sports teams and clubs across the world broadcast their games to absent parents and fans. He is driven by a desire to create a global community inspired by the values and benefits of sport.

He was joined by Michael Emery, our CEO, who has dedicated his life to helping children and youth grow, develop and be free through sport and play.

Jan and Michael were joined by a talented team of tech specialists, developers, camera enthusiasts, and sports advocates who work for Joymo today.

Mike Emery




Torill Lunde

Business Development Manager